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2008.10.11 18:28

Throes of Sanity - The Upheaval


사용자 삽입 이미지


1995, Preserved Moose (no cat.#)

Scott King - vocals
Marc Wallace - guitars
Erik Peterson - guitars
Philip Tsai - bass
Jeff Winston - drums

produced by Throes of Sanity & Ken Fordyce

1. This Side of the Grave 06:50
2. Abstract (I) 06:32
3. Core (II) 02:15
4. Prelude to a Dream 01:31
5. Elder Trails 05:52
6. Tyrants 03:35
7. Candle 06:23
8. Never Look Back 05:54
9. Content Within 09:46
10. The Upheaval 07:02
88. (untitled) 06:02
Total playing time 61:42



 사용자 삽입 이미지

As I welcome the audio upload here and am please that more of you are able to hear the thoughts and authentic experiences captured within please realize the true feel is lost.

The upload of the audio here does not capture the intended pauses between the tracks. This is especially true between Abstract and Abstract Core, tracks 2 & 3 and the depth of track 88. We intended this to tell a story, a story that is still on going but a story that will end just in time for the next story to begin. This is also true with original space between songs.

Tomorrows held in the tear drops of your eyes

Forever nearing,

S. King